Stem Cell

All multicellular organisms have stem cells, which are the cells that develop first. In mice in 1981 and in people in 1998, they were isolated. Mammals have two main types of stem cells: adult stem cells, which are present in various tissues, and embryonic stem cells, which are restricted to the inner cell mass of blastocysts. A promising form of cell therapy known as stem cell therapy involves introducing new cells into adult bodies to treat ailments like diabetes, cancer, neurological problems, and other illnesses. Tissue that has been harmed by disease or ageing can be repaired using stem cells. The subject of tissue regeneration and organ replacement has emerged as one that is now fast increasing and has the ability to address the issue of the global organ scarcity. In a stem cells can differentiate into all the many types of cells necessary for producing life. The normal turnover of regenerative organs like blood, skin, or intestinal tissues is also maintained by ectoderm, endoderm, and mesoderm.

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